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Garmin Radar GMR 24 xHD

Our next-generation, 4 kW high-definition GMR 24 xHD dome radar pairs ease of use with advanced open-array features. Its intuitive operation makes modes and settings simple to understand so you can enjoy great performance without a lot of technical know-how.

The GMR 24 xHD has a narrower beam width that paints a very precise, high-resolution image. New Dynamic Auto Gain and Dynamic Sea Filter continually adjust to your surroundings, providing optimal performance in varying conditions. Choose from multiple levels of aggressiveness or use manual gain adjustment. Dual range operation allows fully independent split-screen display of far and close radar views in full 8-bit colour (select chartplotters); range of 48 nm. "No Transmit Zone" protects areas behind the radar from being radiated while providing full forward-looking radar capability. This makes installation more flexible by providing more suitable installation options on your boat.


Physical & Performance
Physical dimensions 64.5 cm diameter, 24.9 cm high
Weight 9.5 kg
Water rating IPX7
Rotation speed (RPM) 24/48 rpm (dual rotation)
Transmit power 4 kW
Power input 10.5-35 V DC, 33.5 W
Beam width 3.7° horizontal, 25° vertical
Maximum range 48 nm
Minimum range 20 meters
Radar type Radome
Power consumption 30 W typical, 48 W max
Antenna length 23" (58.42 cm)
Features & Benefits
High definition (outstanding target separation with less screen clutter) Yes
MARPA target tracking (collision avoidance) Yes (Requires Heading Sensor, Sold Separately)
Guard zone alarm Yes

Radar Overlay Support: yes

Dual Range Support: yes

Dynamic Auto Gain: yes

Dynamic Sea Filter: yes

Timed Transmit: yes

No Transmit Zone: yes

Color 8 bit
Radar overlay support Yes
Dual range support Yes
Timed Transmit Yes
No Transmit Zone Yes

Price list: € 2,600.00

Discounted price: € 2,599.00

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