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Tacktick - Raymarine T111

In earlier systems, data acquired by the transducers is sent via cable to displays that are linked by cable. Power, too, arrives by wire from the onboard battery bank. Now consider Tacktick's Micronet solution The transmitters and transducers send data to the displays by wireless link. The Wind Transmitter and all the displays take their power from a lithium cell charged by built-in solar panel. The absence of wiring makes for:

  • ease, speed and low cost of installation
  • weight-saving where it counts
  • banishment of mast-removal complications
  • freedom from cable-chafe by halyards The Display, too, is independent of wiring. So:
  • it can be located where you want
  • you can change its location at any time
  • you can take it below to read it there
  • it isn't linked to a hidden rat's nest of cables which you can't get at to service
  • it has no water-sensitive cable joints Micronet communications are as fast as, if not faster than wired networks There's no need to buy multiple displays, because one on its own can show a wide variety of information. But if you want data displayed at different locations simultaneously, that's just as easy. Each display communicates by wireless with all the others. Tacktick's Micronet system is the result of the latest technology. But that doesn't mean it's untried. In the 2000 Sydney Olympics every class that could use Tacktick did so, and the winning medallists relied on it. It's the same story in the America's Cup, where Tacktick is vital equipment. Micronet has been evolving since 1996 from Tacktick's award-winning instruments for racing dinghies and sports boats. In that environment electronics have to be waterproof, lightweight, visible, cable-free, independent of batteries, accurate, rugged and responsive.Key features:
  • No wiring - receives data via a wireless link
  • Solar Powered with 300 hours autonomy
  • Displays 2 lines of data simultaneously
  • Large 20mm (0.8") digital readout
  • Simple to configure
  • Backlighting to 3 levels
  • Totally waterproof (submersible to 10m)
  • Lightweight, only 285g (0.63lbs)
  • Supplied as standard with:
    • T130 Mounting Cradle
    • T131 Soft Case
    • T132 Instrument Cover
      Data Displays:
    • Apparent Wind Speed/Angle
    • Apparent Close-hauled Wind Speed/Angle
    • High Wind Alarm
    • True Wind Speed/Angle
    • True Wind Direction
    • VMG to Wind
    • Header or Lift Indicator
    • Heading
    • Tack Course
    • Boatspeed
    • Log
    • Trip Log
    • Average Speed
    • Max Speed
    • Speed Over Ground
    • Course Over Ground
    • Lat/Long
    • VMG to Waypoint
    • Bearing to Waypoint
    • Cross Track Error
    • ETA
    • Depth
    • Shallow/Deep Depth Alarm
    • Sea Temperature
    • Race Timer
    • Performance Data/On-deck Smart Screen


  • Character Height 38mm (1.5")
  • Depth range 0.5 to 50m
  • Backlighting 3 levels with daylight shutoff
  • system wide or local control Timer 1s resolution, 1 to 40 minutes
  • Units of Display Speed - Kts, Mph, Kph
  • Wind Speed - Kts, M/sec
  • Depth - Ft, M, Fath
  • Distance - NM, SM, KM
  • Heading - Mag, Tru
  • Temperature - 0C, 0F
  • Time - Hrs, Mins, Secs
  • Date - Day, Month, Year
  • Countdown alarms Audible tones indicate time to start
  • Alarm Audible alarm for Depth, Wind & MOB
  • Calibration Full system-wide calibration.
  • Damping either automatically adjusting to any seastate or manually controlled to 3 levels Weight 285g (0.63lbs)
  • Power Solar powered or optional 9 to 24Vdc external supply
  • Battery Life 300 hrs autonomy by day, 7 nights at brightest backlighting level, 20 nights at economy backlighting level without solar charge.
  • Fully rechargeable Lithium battery.

Price list: € 665.00

Discounted price: € 544.00

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